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AVAIL’s dedicated team is ready to launch engaging, innovative, and compliant virtual programs you need to keep business running.

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Meeting Planning and Speaker Bureau Services

A DWA communications network agency

At AVAIL, we customize and deliver exceptional meeting and speaker bureau experiences for our customers. In turn, we do the same for their customers. Balancing compliance, consistency, and concierge-level service, we strive to transform the value and quality of face-to-face interaction—one attendee at a time.

Meeting Planning

Highly calculated attention to detail with a human touch, we’ve successfully connected companies to their customers, speakers to their audiences, and the best minds in our industry to the mission of bringing positive change to healthcare. By fusing compliance, consistency, and concierge-level service, we craft exceptional experiences for our customers. How? By defining what’s exceptional for theirs.

Speaker Bureau

At the heart of AVAIL's speaker bureau services is the understanding that supporting the preparedness of speakers sets the stage for a better program experience. Also, ensuring our clients aren't worried about details such as contracting, compliance, and reporting allows them to focus on their most important task—improving the quality of patient care.


We’ve been solving the logistics, programming, and educational needs of companies large and small for over 20 years, bringing our focus on the individual, a relationship-based attitude, and an instinctive understanding of our clients' unique business and programming needs to thousands of events worldwide.