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Pharma Speaker Bureau and Programming Strategy

Beyond Mere Management

A Well-Run Speaker Bureau Can Make All the Difference

A Strategic Partner

You need a strong peer-to-peer programming and speaker bureau strategy. AVAIL creates, defines, and develops custom strategies for programming, peer-to-peer education, and your thought leader speaker bureau.

Speaker Identification

You need speakers whose passion matches yours. We identify, validate, and support the external experts that best fit your strategic needs and empower them to positively shape your brand’s future. We then streamline the contracting process, ensuring they are signed and filed properly, compliantly, and timely.


You need logistics support for your representatives to execute your speaker programs. We provide the highest level of service for your stakeholders—and involve all internal and external team members in the programming process.

Comprehensive Compliance

We understand the ins and outs of the Sunshine Act, the False Claims Act, the PHRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and other related compliance legislation and guidance. We also offer comprehensive expense reporting and honoraria processing, including all related dimensions of compliance such as state reporting on meals and transfers of value.

Reconciliation Made Easy

Finally, we make financial reconciliation nearly automatic. We deploy transparent and easily accessible accounting information to ensure speakers receive rapid compensation for their work. AVAIL leverages Veeva systems to deliver technology solutions. Veeva Technology Partners provide customers with an ecosystem of proven life sciences products, services, and high-quality integrated solutions that customers can trust to help them succeed.