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Return of the Live Meeting

We know that the return to live meetings is just around the corner. What can attendees of live programs run by AVAIL expect? Check out a few examples of our venue expectations.  
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Top Trends for 2021 in Speaker Programming

It's a new year and things are looking up for us in the pharmaceutical speaker programming business.  As we prepare for a return to something resembling normalcy later this year, let’s look at the top trends in speaker programming.  
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It’s been a year since most of us started working from home, and in that time a new ailment has emerged: Zoom fatigue. Let’s take a look at those reasons as well as some solutions.
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How to Optimize Virtual Events

From advisory boards to grand rounds to congresses, it seems there’s no live event that can’t be made virtual. But making a typically live event virtual isn’t as easy as uploading some slides, logging in, and turning on your camera. It requires foresight and an approach tailored to the medium’s strengths and weaknesses. Here are some tips to help your audience get the most out of virtual events. 
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AVAIL Featured on Podcast Discussing Virtual Events

Rachel Wallace, Senior Virtual Events Manager at AVAIL, appeared on our sister agency’s podcast, Connecting the Dots with Avant Healthcare, where she explored the ins and outs of executing high quality virtual meetings. You can listen to the whole thing here. 
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