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Return of the Live Meeting

It’s been just over a year since live meetings were put on pause—and boy, what a year it’s been! In one short year, we at AVAIL have learned much, made drastic adjustments to our approach to our business, and done our best to accommodate the circumstances thrust upon us, along with the rest of the world, during that fateful March last year. While the year was certainly challenging and frustrating at times, it provided a great opportunity to change how we think about programming and to devise an even better approach to live meetings. Today, as we work with companies to craft a live programming series, we recognize the high stakes and the deep trust they’ve placed in us and we strive even harder to provide a safe, clean, and compliant environment.  

We know that the return to live meetings is just around the corner. What can attendees of live programs run by AVAIL expect? Including adherence to the latest CDC guidelines, AVAIL sets the highest standards and requirements for the venues with which we work. Below are a few examples of our venue expectations.  

Prior to Meeting

  • Ensure responsible venue attendance only (stay home if you are sick or experiencing flu-like symptoms or have been around someone who has been sick) 
  • Discuss meeting/meal room sanitation and cleaning frequency -or ask for venue cleaning protocol  
  • Provide hand sanitizer at venue in multiple places 
  • Signs at venue reminding guests of social distancing protocols  
  • Proof of cleaning protocols of A/V equipment if in-house or third party  

During Meeting

  • All staff must wear masks at all times during the meeting 
  • Banquet staff serving food must also wear gloves in addition to masks  
  • Minimize the number of staff who are allowed in-and-out of meeting room 
  • Venue must follow state mandated number of guests per table and distanced appropriately  
  • Any third-party guests (AV, Event Staff, etc.) must wear masks with minimal interaction with staff  
  • No lavalier mics 
  • All equipment must be cleaned and sanitized prior to handing to speaker 
  • No shared water pitchers on tables, all water refills must be done by the staff

At AVAIL, we recognize the importance of safety. We will go back to live programming, but we will implement these checklists to ensure that our attendees are safe! If AVAIL can help with your programming needs, please contact us. Stay safe and healthy!

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