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When it comes to advancing patient care, our duty is in the details. In sync with industry trends and regulatory changes, we provide authoritative guidance on all things compliance. That same focus extends to handling speaker and program logistics with the insight required to create unforgettable medical education experiences—large and small.

Speaker Identification and Nomination

You want people whose passion matches your own. We identify, validate, and support the external experts that best fit our client’s strategic needs and empower them to play an effective role in shaping the future of your products.

Speaker Contracting

We’re passionate about the paperwork. We streamline the contract process, ensuring speaker contracts are signed and filed properly and compliantly, so that square one is completely squared away.

Program Venue Logistics

We provide full-service venue management to create memorable yet compliant programs every time, ensuring that every detail from sourcing to food and beverage to audiovisual and contracts comes together seamlessly.

Speaker Logistics

Speakers have unique needs. We put everything from meal preferences to personal quirks on our to-do list, so that the stage is set for an effective, enthusiastic presentation.

Program Attendee Recruitment and Management

Smaller programs: more focused, extensively targeted, shorter opportunities to make a lasting impact. We excel at the more pointed and personal opportunities that educational dinner and lunch programs offer, delivering compelling means of recruitment and capitalizing on every communication—before and after—to create enduring experiences.

Speaker Payments

We offer comprehensive expense reporting and processing of honoraria, including all related dimensions of compliance such as state reporting on meals and transfers of value (Physicians Payment Sunshine Act).


To us, financial reconciliation is practically automatic. We make sure speakers are compensated for the work they perform and all accounting information is transparent and easily accessible. We’re not suggesting we could do it in our sleep—just that our clients won’t lose sleep over such important details.

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